About Us

Our Mission:
Bringing joy to the world through sustainable breeding and selling of beautiful ornamental fish

The above states the purpose of our existence. We are an established ornamental fish company which supplies ornamental fish and products all over the world. Since its inception in 1972, Apollo Aquarium Pte Ltd has been re-inventing itself in tandem with technological advances for sustainable fish keeping. With the empowerment of knowledge and innovation, we have built our capabilities and capacities in water treatment technologies and fish handling procedures over the years. These are apparent in our evolving breeding and stocking facilities.


Our Values:
Sincerity, Commitment, Passion and Excellence (SCoPE)

Apollo Aquarium has transformed itself from a labour-intensive company to a technology-infused enterprise that leverages on modern technologies to improve productivity and quality. Yet, the quality of service has always been one of sincerity, commitment and passion. Each of us in the Apollo family plays an important role in the supply chain business and our cumulative efforts help to ensure that quality products are delivered to you. We look forward to you coming on board with us and embarking on our exciting journey of sharing – sustainably – the timeless beauty of ornamental fish with the rest of the world.


Our Feature
Quality Assurance Programme (QAP)
The crux of the ornamental fish business is to ensure that fishes are well quarantined and prepared before they embark on their long journey to our customers and yet arrive in the best possible condition.  Toward this end, we have created a distinctive feature comprising the following components:

Our quarantine facility comes with full biosecurity measures and also the state-of-the-art recirculation system for stocking of ornamental fishes. We have developed procedures and processes to leverage on the advanced of water treatment technologies and biosecurity measures to increase our stocking density and improve quality of our fishes. At this stage, we will remove all unhealthy and less desirable fish, and keeping only robust and appealing ones for export.

As part of our Fish Health Management, we have built a well-equipped laboratory that can assist with the diagnosis of fish diseases.  Such diagnoses include parasitic, bacterial and viral infections.  In particular, our staff is well-trained to use molecular tools for the diagnosis of viral diseases such as Iridovirus in the Gouramis and White Spot Syndrome virus in shrimps. Our capabilities have helped us to put in place a strong and robust fish health management program to keep all diseases at bay.

The last prong in our Quality Assurance Programme is to conduct pre-export inspections on all the fishes in the bags. Fishes are checked for their intact fins, strong colours, correct size and species. Fishes are also checked for the possible clinical symptoms of fish diseases such as fin rot and ulcers on the body. Fishes with abnormal behavior indicative of underlying diseases are rejected. This would help to minimize the losses of fish upon arrival at the final destinations.