Our Facility

Quarantine Facility

Our quarantine facility is effective managed by two key systems that we have designed and operationalized:  AquaDeck® System and Electronic Inventory System.


AquaDeck® System

The AquaDeck® system is a prime example of Apollo Aquarium’s innovation and harnessing of advanced technology.  It is our solution to an anticipation of the need for an integrative aquarium system suitable for intensive production in land-scarce Singapore.   We have conceptualized and built a fully automated, multi-tier, close aquaculture system named AquaDeck®.

The AquaDeck® works on the principle of recycling water after treatment.  Not only does this lead to a much more efficient way of using water, it also reduces the amount of waste water into discharged.   Water after treatment by the AquaDeck has also been found to be of a more consistent quality. The AquaDeck® is fully automated and this translates into improved workforce productivity and enhanced workforce deployment.


Electronic Inventory System

Another of our company’s innovation and use of IT is our inventory system known as the Electronic Inventory System. This system has greatly facilitated our highly productive management of our fish stock.  This online inventory system helps our purchasing, sales and marketing staff to take into account current fish stock, order processing, assess the need for replenishment to ensure that fish are always stocked to an optimum level to best meet customer demands.  We are also able to trace easily the supplier of our fish and hence monitor the quality of fish from our suppliers based on customer feedback. The inventory system also helps our staff to track the treatment of diseased fish from suppliers and execute the fish health management programme more effectively.

Packing Facility

We pack our fish for export with the utmost care and attention to details refined to decades of experience exporting fish all over the world.

Fish are changed into clean, conditioned water through a dilution process involving several changes of the water holding the fish.  Our experienced packers scrutinised the fish at various stages of this process to assure that only the most presentable, healthy-looking fish are bagged.

The packing method for each species of fish is carefully chosen to optimise their chance of arriving in the best possible condition at our buyers’ premises.

A final examination to assure that our fish are comfortably bagged.  We take great pride and joy in knowing that our buyers delight in the fish they receive.